Are TV Antenna Amplifiers Worth It? : The Truth Revealed

Are TV Antenna Amplifiers worth it? It’s the most commonly asked question among Television set owners when they install an antenna system. People are often confused about getting an amplifier in the first place.

Well, to answer the first question straight, yes TV Antenna Amplifiers are worth it. But only when it’s needed and installed correctly. Where you don’t need an amplifier, adding one can harm your TV Antenna system as well.

So, you must be careful about it. Now, let’s dig into the details of TV Antenna Amplifiers. 

Are TV Antenna Amplifiers Worth It
What’s the difference between amplified and non amplified antenna?

What Is A TV Antenna Amplifier?

A TV Antenna Amplifier is a box shaped tool that enhances the signal strength of your antenna. It’s seen that most people get the concept wrong.  

They expect an amplifier would make the channels get magically into your antenna which weren’t there in the first place. It is absolutely wrong.

Amplifiers don’t have the ability to bring a channel out of nowhere in your antenna if it’s not in your regional area. Rather, an antenna amplifier makes up for signal loss in a long coaxial cable run and provides a strong signal.

How Does An Antenna Amplifier Work?

A minimum signal loss is always there in every foot of a coaxial cable run. The main purpose of the antenna amplifier is to add gain to the antenna and prevent that signal loss. 

Although a small amount of signal loss isn’t a big issue. But, you may lose some channels as well if the signal loss is continuous in a long cable run. 

An antenna amplifier, whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor one, compensates for the weak signal and adds gain to get the best signal out of it. 

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Besides, a TV Amplifier works to reduce noises around and add gain to enhance the signal strength. 

What Types Of TV Antenna Amplifiers Are There?

It’s undoubted that you need an antenna amplifier if your signal strength is weak. But before getting an antenna amplifier for your TV, you must know about the types of antenna amplifier and then decide which one you need to get. 

There Are mainly two types of antenna amplifiers. One is, Pre Amplifier and the other one is Distribution Amplifier. 

Let’s move on quickly and learn about them in detail.

Pre Amplifier

Pre Amplifiers are also called Mast Amplifiers. Usually this kind of amplifier is meant to install up with the antenna. So, basically they’re outdoor antenna amplifiers.

This amplifier is installed near the signal source for a stronger signal strength. They can increase the signal from 30-40 Db and sometimes to 50Db.

Distribution Amplifier

Distribution Amplifiers are also called In-Line Amplifiers. They’re installed near the TV set. So, they’re mainly the indoor antenna amplifiers. Suppose you’ve a TV set that has a 25 foot long coaxial cable run. Distribution Amplifier is your solution in this case.

This amplifier increases the signal from 16Db to 24Db and generates a strong signal. 

Do TV Antenna Amplifiers Actually Work?

TV Antenna Amplifiers
Do TV Antenna Amplifiers Actually Work

Well, it depends on some factors. There are situations where you might assume that you need a TV antenna amplifier, but in reality you don’t need any. It happens mostly in certain types of antennas where you can’t install an amplifier. 

You don’t need an antenna amplifier there. So, adding one won’t work for you. Rather, you may end up damaging your TV antenna signal system if you add one.

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When there is a long cable run or several TV sets are using the same cable run, you need an antenna amplifier. It’ll surely work for you if previously you had been facing signal loss. 


Will An Antenna Amplifier Help Get More Channels?

The answer is a straight “NO”. Let me get you clear on this again. Antenna amplifiers have nothing to do with getting new stations or channels anyhow in a TV set. 

Its only job is to add gain to enhance the signal strength.

What Are The Most Recognized TV Antenna Amplifier Brands?

As the antenna signal technology is improving day by day, there are several amazing brands coming up in the competition. It’s really hard to name the best one. 

However, there are some renowned brands and models that we can suggest from our experience. You can try Winegard. LNA-100, Winegard. LNA-200, ONN. Outdoor Antenna Amplifier ONA17CH003, THE CIMPLE CO. CMP-AMP-RF-24DB-KIT, RCA. Indo.

Do amplified TV antennas work better?

Amplified TV antennas don’t bring new stations. But surely if you’re facing a signal loss due to a long coaxial cable run or using the same cable run in different TV sets, an amplifier can do the best job for you.

It’ll prevent the signal loss and build stronger signals that will give you uninterrupted service.

When should an antenna be used as an amplifier?

When you have multiple TV wall points, faulty antenna, or distant antenna signal transmitter, it is time for you to use an antenna amplifier. 

Mainly, whenever you feel you’re getting weak signals and it’s harming your entertainment experience, get an antenna amplifier. 

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Where should I place my antenna amplifier?

Your antenna amplifier placement depends on the type of amplifier you brought to install. If it’s a pre amplifier, you must place it up at the antenna mast. If it’s an in-line amplifier, place it near the TV set alongside with the coaxial cable run. 

What is the difference between an antenna booster and amplifier?

An Antenna Booster is more like a package and an Antenna Amplifier is an individual component. Booster includes two amplifiers, cellular signal booster, a lot of cables and necessary hardware to install it.


As far as you’ve come to this point, I can assume you got your answers for, are TV Antenna Amplifiers worth it. Hope that you’re now left with no doubts about TV antenna amplifiers.

If you’re planning on getting one, make sure your antenna has the capability to install one in itself. Besides, for better understanding consult a professional to choose the best amplifier for you. Here is know about how to check if antenna amplifier is working?

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