Can I Use Satellite Cable for TV Antenna?

Let’s say your new house has a satellite dish instead of a TV antenna. However, you prefer using an antenna like an aerial antenna for receiving broadcast signals instead of satellite dishes because they aren’t very reliable. 

What do you do now?

You have to find some way to modify your system. Now you ask, instead of changing the cables that run through my house, can I use satellite cable for TV antenna? Or can a satellite dish be used as a TV antenna

It’s possible to use a satellite cable for your TV as it’s similar to the cable used in TV antennas. 

Stay tuned because this article will take you to the solutions to your current circumstantial problem.

Can You Utilize Satellite Cable for a TV Antenna?

What type of cable is used for satellite TV, you ask? A satellite TV usually uses a coaxial cable. You can read more details about RG6 vs RG11 vs RG58 vs RG59, which coaxial cable is best for antenna tv?

Satellite Cable for a TV Antenna
Satellite Cable for a TV Antenna

You can use satellite cable for an HDTV antenna because there isn’t much difference between satellite cable and coaxial cable. This is because the same coaxial cables are used in both cases.

For using a satellite cable with your television network antenna, you need to change your connector to a compatible connector like an F-type with your top boxes, TVs, and other gadgets.

You won’t have to worry about your satellite cable age. It’ll carry all HD signals of excellent signal strength, even if it’s old. However, I recommend WF-100 coaxial cables because they are more durable and interference-resistant.

How to Get Started with Using Satellite Cable for TV

In most cases, converting satellite cable for digital cable television antennas is less exhausting than it sounds. The good thing about this is that satellite TV and HDTV antennas like aerials use coaxial cables. 

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And you can use them for internet connection, cable TV subscriptions, and other operations as they are very versatile.

The only problem that you might face is when you’ll change your satellite connectors to your top satellite box or TV connectors.

This is because your digital cable television might have a port for an F-connector if it has a Freeview tuner. But, if your TV doesn’t have a Freeview tuner, you should buy a cheaper Freeview distribution box with one. 

Some satellite cables might already have F-connectors. You need to unscrew them from your satellite and reconnect them to your HDTV antenna. Connect the other end of your cable to your cable converter box or TV.

How to Refit An F-Connector

Your old satellite cable might already have an F-connector. But you still might want to change it with a new one. This is because, over time, these connectors might lose their quality.

It’s relatively straightforward to fit an F-connector to your existing coaxial cable. Try using tools, and that’ll make it easier. Follow these steps to fit a new F-connector to your coaxial cable:

  1. Detach the cable end and the connector from your satellite dish.
  2. Disconnect your satellite connector from your coaxial cable using a pair of pliers.
  3. Slice off 12mm of the outer layer of your cable using a knife. You can use a coax crimper for this if you have one.
  4. Now you need to bend the braids back evenly. Just make sure that none of them are still inside.
  5. You’ll find a foil protection enveloping the final layer of white foam. Remove that foil protection.
  6. Place your coaxial cable into your F-connector. Try using cable compression tools for this.
  7. Don’t forget to tighten the connector.
  8. If there are any copper pins left over, snip them off.
  9. Install your connector to the digital antenna.

You can use a precision knife to do most of the work. However, using a tool like a coax cable crimper will guarantee that your cuts and measurements are correct. You can always call a technician if you don’t want to do this yourself and want professional installation.

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Using A Satellite Cable to TV Aerial Adaptor

You’ll only need an adaptor and connector set to acquire a seamless connection. And you’ll find these sets easily on stores that a cable company supports. 

It’ll come with an F-connector and a Female Coaxial Cable connector. The F-connector is for connecting your satellite cable to a female coaxial socket. 

If you have a male adaptor, you can convert it into a female adaptor using the Female Coaxial Cable connector. This is great for an outdoor TV antenna.. There’s no drop in quality with hi-fi digital signals, even through HD signals.

And, if you’re using an antenna, you’ll need to connect your sky cable to TV aerial adapter.

How to Connect Satellite Cable to TV Directly

In most cases, connecting your satellite dish cable to your TV is possible. But you need a satellite tuner because tuners are satellite receivers that receive free TV broadcast channels from the satellite. 

You can use a top box that already has a tuner or receiver if you don’t have a satellite tuner.

Free digital cable channels such as BBC One, ABS station, ITV, Channel 4, BBC News, and so many others will be easy to receive using compatible equipment.

However, sometimes it’s much cheaper to use a satellite dish network setup for getting free digital cable channels instead of buying extra equipment for your television antenna. It depends on your setup and whether you have extra cash to spend on new equipment.

Satellite TV and basic cable TV are often debated. The thing is, you can choose both options. However, satellite TV needs a sky-view free from obstruction because it’s susceptible to weather and other types of interference. 

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Aerial antennas are much cheaper and even easier to set up for terrestrial TV. Plus, you don’t need a cable subscription for any type of satellite service.

Can You Use Satellite Dishes for Watching Freeview?

This is a widespread question. But you can’t use a satellite dish for watching Freeview because terrestrial frequencies are used for Freeview broadcasts. And it requires a specific kind of aerial for receiving those satellite signals.

Although you can get FTA, Freesat, and other TV services from satellites, they’re not as dependable as Freeview.

More channels are one of the few advantages of satellite TV. But you need a precisely aligned dish and suitable weather conditions for that to work efficiently.

Final Words

Can I use satellite cable for TV antenna? Yes, you can surely use a satellite cable for your HDTV antenna if you need to. 

So, if you ever face a situation where you need to use a satellite cable, which is also a coaxial cable, for your TV, you know what to do.

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