Is Rg6 Good For Antenna? Know Before Buying Your Cable

RG cables were comprehended with numerical values because each variety of effective coaxial cable used to have different RG ratings and distinct specifications and characteristics.

For instance, RG cables had a “U” designated to them, which meant general utility use or universal.

The designated numbers of RG cables aren’t relevant nowadays because they were only the specifications of the initial Radio Guide that isn’t in use anymore.

RG cables, like RG6 cables, are used for antennas because of their ability to durability against most interferences.

Is RG6 good for antenna? 

Rg6 Coaxial Cable
Rg6 Coaxial Cable

yes, RG6 is a type of coaxial cable that’s great with antennas. These cables are durable when it comes to interference and have aluminum or copper braid shielding for protection, among other benefits. 

An RG6 cable is used for different outdoor antenna applications, such as cable TV and commercial radio.

People have been using these cables for decades because they provide signal transmission of high frequencies. RG6 is excellent for antennas. 

First, What is RG?

Radio Guide is what RG stands for. It derives from the second World War. And it was used for the U.S. military specifications because it was initially a bulk radio frequency unit indicator. 

This is why these cables are comprehended with numerical values because each variety of effective coaxial cable used to have different RG ratings and distinct specifications and characteristics. 

However, cables like RG-6 are still used for industry-essential coaxial cables. And RG-6 is widely used for different common applications and is becoming a standard in the industry. 

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What Is RG6 Cable?

The RG6 cable is a coaxial cable that has prominent conductors providing a better signal quality. And it has thicker dielectric insulations to make carrying damaging electrical currents easy. This makes for thicker cables.

These cables use better shielding, making them compatible with video signals of GHz level. And this also helps with providing exceptional protection from any kind of signal interference.

Can RG6 Be Used for Antenna?

RG6 cables can be used for antennas. These cables are used for internet, satellite TV, and cable TV applications because of their shielding and insulation, which is meant for high-frequency and high-bandwidth applications.

And these cables are designed for antenna use. This is because these cables are highly effective when it comes to digital cables’ need for high frequencies.

Benefits of RG-6 Cables for Antenna Use

Is RG6 Good for Antenna
RG6 cable

There are a couple of benefits of using RG6 cables for antennas. Let’s explore these benefits down below:

  •  RG6 cable works for many different radio applications because it’s so durable against most interference and environments. So you can use these cables underground or up the sides of walls or buildings for connecting satellite dishes and antennas.
  • The RG-6 cable has a copper or aluminum braid. When it comes to quad-shield RG-6 cables, they have an extra layer of braid and foil shieldings and provide better protection.
  • RG-6 cables are very thin and easy to bend, which is excellent for ceiling or wall installations. That’s why it’s preferred for replaying cable TV signals for your antennas for excellent signal strength.
  • These cables can minimize static while maximizing the quality of the picture. It’s used for high-definition digital signals for commercial and home entertainment systems. They come in many variations of specifications that include moisture-prone or underground areas.
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Signal Loss with RG6 Cables

Even though shielding can keep the external signals from affecting your analog video signals, some kind of signal loss of any cable is inevitable.

The signal loss of these cables may increase or decrease depending on the cable’s length. That’s why keeping the installation length of cables is best. 

For instance, an RG-6 cable will lose 1.5 dB at 50MHz. It’ll lose 2.0 dB at 100 MHz, 4.3 dB at 400 MHz, 6.8 dB at 900 MHz, and 7.0 dB at 1000 MHz.

This is precisely why you should use these cables for your antenna, as the signal loss of these cables isn’t as noticeable as most other cables.

Final Words

Is RG6 good for antenna? RG-6 is a type of coax cable that is used with antennas for home or commercial TV signal transmissions.

An RG-6 cable is so popular these days for antennas that people don’t look for other sorts of cables for outdoor or indoor installations for their needs. 

So, if you want a coaxial cable for your antennas, you should use RG-6 cables instead of any other coax cables.

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