amplified antenna vs non amplified: Which One To Choose?

Amplified vs. Non Amplified Antenna, which one is the best? If you’re asking the same question probably it’s the time to shed some light over the topic for you. To answer that straight, neither amplified nor non amplified antenna can be declared as “the best.” 

See, at the first place it may seem amplified antennas are the best, questioning no second thoughts. But do you believe, too good is not good? You must know when not to choose an amplified antenna. 

Well, stick around to the end with us to learn the basics of amplified and non -amplified antennas. So that you can decide which is the best option for you. 

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the details.

What does amplified mean on a TV antenna?

What does amplified mean on a TV antenna
amplified antenna

By the name amplifier you already get an idea about it. It simply means enhancing something. But what actually enhances the amplifier in an antenna Television system? 

Well, the amplifier installed in an antenna enhances the signal strength. People often have a misconception about antenna amplifiers. That amplifier brings a new channel that didn’t hit your antenna in the first place.

But it’s a totally wrong concept. An amplifier can only add gain to the antenna which will help to prevent signal loss in a long coaxial cable run. Signal loss is very common in long coaxial cable lines.

An amplifier can only help to prevent that and enhance the signal strength.

What does non amplified antenna mean?

What does non amplified antenna mean
non amplified antenna

A non-amplified antenna simply means an antenna which has no amplifier. Non amplified antenna TV uses normal antennas and gets the usual signal that it can hold. 

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There occurs no amplification or signal strength increase in a non-amplified antenna.

What is the difference between amplified and non-amplified TV antennas?

The primary difference between an amplified and a non-amplified antenna is a difference of a single tool, the amplifier. An amplified antenna TV contains an amplifier either near the TV set or up at the antenna.

And, a non-amplified antenna doesn’t consist of any amplifier. An amplified antenna has the ability to make the signal stronger but a non-amplified one doesn’t have that ability.

When should you use an amplified antenna/ non-amplified?

Choosing between an amplified and a non-amplified antenna depends on the distance from your home to the transmitting tower. 

In simple words, you might not need an amplified antenna if you live near the towers of transmitting signal and network. However, if you live far from the towers you might need one.

Generally, the signal you get is strong enough if you’re nearby to the tower in around 30 miles. In this case, the signal loss isn’t a big fact or doesn’t bother your experience even in a long coaxial cable run.

However, the signal loss is visible here if you’re situated in a far space than 30 miles to the tower. So, you need an amplifier now. An amplifier in this case would compensate for the signal loss.

Advantages and disadvantages of non-amplified /amplified antenna

Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of non amplified/amplified antennas.

  • Usually, when you don’t have an amplified antenna near the towers, there isn’t much problem. You may have difficulties getting a strong signal without an amplified antenna if you’re far. You can consider this the only con.
  • In an amplified antenna, over amplification could be a big con for your Television set. Suppose, you’re already getting a strong signal but you’re still using an amplifier. Doing so, you would only increase the noise and unwanted stuff. Because an amplifier can’t bring you a stronger signal when it’s already there. And, in many situations it can harm your TV as well.
  • Remember: An amplifier is created with the mechanism to increase everything. So, when it is increasing the signal strength it may increase the noises as well. You have to be prepared for that too.
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Is an amplifier necessary for the antenna?

An amplifier is not always necessary for the antenna. It depends on the signal strength you’re currently getting on your TV. 

If it’s good, you don’t need to get an amplifier. Using an amplifier will ruin the experience rather. If the signal is weak and you’re missing out on several channels you need to install an amplifier. Indoor amplifiers work better in this scenario.

Does an amplifier improve antenna reception?

Amplifiers improve antenna reception. But over-amplifying can also ruin the antenna reception and increase the noise.

What does it mean when an antenna is amplified?

When an antenna is amplified it means it has got an amplifier. An amplifier is a box looking tool usually coated in black color. 

There Are two types of antenna. Indoor or In-line or Distribution amplifiers. And the other one is outdoor or Pre Amplifier. Outdoor ones go up at the antenna and the indoor ones is connected near the TV set.


If you are still reading, I hope all your questions for Amplified vs. Non Amplified Antenna have been answered here. Now you can go for the one that suits your criteria the best. Know more details here Are TV Antenna Amplifiers Worth It ?

However, if you still have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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