Is Clear TV Antenna Any Good: Worth The Hype or Not?

A clear TV antenna is more affordable than a regular outdoor antenna. Also, it offers more broadcast channels. Moreover, the range of these antennas is almost 35 miles, which is truly remarkable on its own.

No wonder it’s a great alternative to other outdoor tv antennas. And even sometimes you can watch some extra channels. These are some reasons why people prefer a clear TV antenna over an HD antenna. With this antenna, you can get a clear streaming service without sacrificing picture or sound quality.

Moreover, this comes with a very compact design and has no coaxial cable with it.  So if you want to know more about “is clear TV antenna any good or not”, stay with us till the end.

What’s The Benefit of Using A Clear TV Antenna?

The main advantage of using a clear TV antenna is that you have to pay only the monthly cost. That means the only straight cost is the purchasing cost. After that, you have to pay only for the cable subscription.

Moreover, you can pick a wide range of channels to watch. For example, the major networks are ABC, CNN, Fox, NBC, etc. You’ll get additional channels too. The Clear TV, in contrast to the indoor TV antenna, is HDTV-ready, as it can receive signals at both 1080p and 4K resolutions.

An antenna’s range affects how many channels you receive and how well they come through. As long as you don’t reside in a really remote place, the Clear TV antenna’s range of up to 35 miles should be more than enough to pick up most major air HDTV channels.

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Does A Clear TV Antenna Overpower The HDTV Antenna?

Compared to an HDTV antenna, a clear TV antenna provides more benefits. First of all, the price of both antennas varies a lot. 

On top of that, a clear TV antenna allows you to pick more channels. Besides, this is only 3 to 5 inches in size. That makes it easy to install.

Moreover, it comes with a peel-off base with adhesive patches. It makes the antenna easy to mount on the surface. After you install the antenna, connect it to your basic cable. And to strengthen the weak signal, you just need to extend the bunny ears. That’s why a clear antenna overpowers an HD TV antenna.

How Does Clear TV Antenna Work?

Basically, a clear TV antenna captures signals from the air.  These antennas are modified versions of traditional antennas. A clear TV antenna provides better picture quality than the previous indoor antenna. Moreover, it provides smoother switching with a 15dB USB in-line antenna amplifier.

This is one type of air antenna because it doesn’t require any internet connection. The clear TV antenna or attic antenna comes with an app called ClearStream. You have to install the app and then you’re good to go.

Does It Really Work? Clear TV Indoor Antenna

Pros Of A Clear TV Antenna

Let’s see some of the pros of this antenna here.

  • The antenna range is 35 miles.
  • Provides 55 broadcast channels.
  • Comes with a minimalistic design.
  • Easy to set up within a few minutes.
  • Offers clear pictures on a large number of free channels.

Cons Of A Clear TV Antenna 

  • Not a good fit for homes with multiple stories.
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So is clear TV antenna any good? Well, certainly, yes. You get many benefits from the antenna, including better sound quality, picture quality, strong signal, and many more.

But you must remember that your experience will depend on where you live. If you live in a very rural area, you might not get the best experience. However, you can find the right antenna using the ZIP code. 

Lastly, the highlighted benefit is that you can enjoy all the air channels without any expensive cable.

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