How To Make an Antenna for TV with Coat Hanger: 2 Solid Methods

To create an antenna, you’ll need to start by cutting a coat hanger and then making hooks on both ends. You should clean the hooks up by sanding and then solder the ends. Once the soldering is done, let it cool. Finally, you can connect the coat hanger to a 75 to 300 Ohm transformer to complete your antenna.

However, you can execute the method in two separate ways: the first is a bit simpler than the second one. But both ways are solid to build an antenna with a coat hanger. Let’s dive into them.

How To Make An Antenna For TV With Coat Hanger
How To Make An Antenna For TV With Coat Hanger

Method 1: Process of Making an Antenna with Coat Hanger

Required Tools

  • A coat hanger
  • Wire cutters
  • Sandpaper 
  • A soldering iron
  • 75 to 300 Ohm transformer

The Steps to Make an Antenna

Process of Making an Antenna with Coat Hanger
Process of Making an Antenna with Coat Hanger
  • Cut away the coat hanger’s hook with your wire cutters.
  • With the pliers, create a hook at each end of the hanger to secure the transformer with it.
  • Start sanding the ends of the wire to make it clean. 
  • Before beginning to solder, apply resin to the hooks.
  • Solder one end of the wire to one end of the transformer.
  • You can add a small amount of solder to the procedure to smooth up the soldering.
  • You can mount the antenna to a piece of PVC pipe by making a small groove at the top to keep the antenna in place. 
  • Also, use a knot to secure the antenna so that it won’t spin.

That’s it, easy-peasy. You can watch the video of making an antenna that follows the above-mentioned steps for better understanding.

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However, if this doesn’t give you the outcome you desire, you can try out the second method.

Method 2: Process of Making an Antenna with Coat Hanger

Required Tools

  • 6 coat hangers
  • 12 washers
  • 12 dry-wall or wood screws
  • Pliers
  • A 2 ½ or 3-foot piece of wood
  • Tape measure
  • A pen or pencil
  • A cordless screwdriver
  • Sandpaper
  • A regular section of the TV cable
  • A VHF or UHF transformer

The Steps to Make an Antenna

Cut the Coat Hangers

Use a set of pliers to remove the caps and straighten all the hangers into long sections. After that, cut the hanger by measuring down 14 inches. You can use this piece as a template for the rest of the four hangers.

Make the middle part of this section shine by trimming any extra paint using wire pliers or a knife. Be sure to repeat these instructions for each of the eight sections. And keep the long two-hanger sections for the later part.

Mark Spots on the Board

  • Mark 2 inches down from the top of the wood board.
  • Now measure down about 5 ¾ inches from that mark and place marks on both sides of the measuring tape.
  • Then, make further marks every 5 ¾ inches in this manner until you have four parallel sets of marks.
  • Place “X” with a pencil on each of the marks you made.

Creating V Shape

Take the 14-inches eight sections of hangers and move halfway down which equals 7 inches. Afterward, bend the pieces into a V shape using pliers so that the ends are approximately 3 inches away from one another. 

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Repeat this method of bending for each of the eight sections.

Shaping Long Sections

  • Take one long section and bend it so that it goes from the top right-hand corner mark to the second one on the left following the third one on the left, and the fourth one back on the right.
  • Cut off the excess using pliers and use this section as a template to shape the second one.
  • Once you’ve shaped both sections, it’s time to clean off any varnish or paint from both ends and the areas where the bends are. 
  • Also, clean off the section in the middle between the two bends.

Screwing the V Sections with Long Sections

  • Take a V section and screw it almost down onto the top mark of the board.
  • Then, put a lengthy section underneath the V section and tighten it. Ensure that the pieces are in good contact with one another.
  • Next, proceed to the second V portion, which is located across and to the left of the first.
  • Again, repeat for the third V part, which is exactly below the second, and finally for the lower right V portion.
  • Once you’ve assembled the first set of long and V sections, repeat the process with the remaining pieces, but in the opposite order.

Connecting VHF or UHF

Connect UHF or VHF transformers to the center of the board. Finally, attach the cable with the transformers and connect it to the TV.  

The antenna that you can make from a coat hanger works well enough if you live within reach of strong transmission towers. However, if you are beyond the range of these transmissions, you may need an amplifier to boost the signal. 

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With all being said, if you find it hard to grasp the second method by reading, this visual representation might make things easier.

Coat Hanger TV Antenna
Coat Hanger TV Antenna


With a little experimentation, an antenna for TV with a coat hanger just may be the solution you need to enjoy free cable. Well, the basic process involves shaping a coat hanger into a specific design and using a transformer to attach the wire to the end.

We mentioned the two easiest methods of how to make an antenna for tv with coat hanger. Just be careful that you don’t damage your TV, or you’ll have to replace it.

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