how to boost indoor TV antenna signal

How to boost indoor TV antenna signal? Get a perfect antenna, install it high, and ensure there is no signal barrier. As simple as that. But wait. Is that all about it?

Well, when you cut the cord and shift to an antenna network for your TV, many difficulties may arise all of a sudden. Weak antenna signals in indoor antennas is one of the most common among all of them.

There are a lot of facts you must know to boost your indoor TV antenna reception. In this article you’ll find the best tips and tricks to do it. So, let’s not talk much and get into the details.

Best Ways To Improve Indoor TV Antenna Reception

boost indoor TV antenna signal

Let’s discuss some of the most definitive ways to improve your indoor TV antenna signal.

1. Match The Category Of Antenna You Need To Get The Best Signal

The best thing you can do to get the best signal for your indoor antenna is selecting the matched antenna. Here matching the category means, matching it with your requirement.Suppose, you live 20-30 miles far from your broadcasting tower. You should know the distance and look for an indoor antenna that can grab a good signal from 20-30 miles away.

If you live 50-60 miles away from your broadcasting tower, you need to get a more robust indoor antenna that can easily catch signals from that distance. This is for single direction purposes. 
Similarly, if you are hoping to get channels from different broadcasting stations in one place, you have to get an omnidirectional indoor antenna.

Moreover, you have to measure each broadcasting tower’s distance from your place and see if your antenna can get all the signals from every direction. No matter what type of indoor antenna you buy, make sure that can cover the distance well.

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2. Locate The Antenna Near Your Broadcast Tower

The simple formula of getting strong signals in your antenna is locating it near the broadcasting tower. The closer the antenna is to the station, the stronger signal you’ll receive.

To do this you can search on or or other similar websites. You enter your location in detail and these websites tell you exactly where your broadcasting towers are located and where you should set up your indoor TV antenna.

If you are missing any channel, mention it on the website. The site will show you a map and tell where the exact tower is located. Knowing it moves your indoor TV antenna towards the tower and that’s it.

3. Play Around With The Antenna For A While To Get The Perfect Spot

You have done the two most important things above but still get a bad reception? Now it’s the time to play around a little bit with your antenna in the different parts of the house.

Sometimes, you miss out on some channels in the antenna TV network even with doing everything right. So, you have to be sophisticated and play around with your antenna a little to find the perfect spot.

Doing this, I hope that your problem will be solved.

4. Let The Antenna Get Some Air Near The Window

You should place your antenna near the window in open air.

Why? Well, it’s the best place with very minimal obstacles for the signal to come in for the antenna. The only restrictions are outside trees or buildings. There are no internal restrictions when you put your indoor antenna near the window.

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Thus it catches good signals and does the best job.

5. Install The Antenna As High As You Can

Have you seen the giant broadcasting towers in real life? I guess you have seen one in your life at least once. Do you know why they are so tall? It is because the broadcasting tower has to spread the signals to a very broad area.

They are made so tall so that they don’t get any resistance or at least minimum resistance to deliver good signals. Sounds great, right? Bursting the bubbles. It has a down side too.

Being so tall and with so much traffic, some antennas can’t catch signals while installed in a lower surface in the house. That’s why you should put your antenna as high as you can.

Maybe the second floor of your house or the attic can be a great place to receive the best signals for the antenna. The best place would be to place the antenna right on your home’s roof. The higher you set it the better signal you get.

6. Don’t Let Any Metal Or Thick Wall Material Interrupt The Antenna Signal

Metal or thick building material can greatly cause weak signals in your indoor TV antenna. If your antenna is installed in a place surrounded by metal or very thick wall material, you won’t get signals.

So, avoid contacting metal or thick walls to your antenna.


What is the best booster for an indoor antenna?

If you can boost your antenna strength manually by shifting the placement, that’s the best. If doing everything mentioned above still is not solving your problem, maybe it’s the time you should get an antenna booster.

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Here are some of the best ones mentioned for you.

1. Winegard LNA-200 HDTV Preamplifier,
2. Nippon TV Booster Signal Amplifier
3. Channel Master Antenna Amplifier.

How do you know which way to point your antenna

You can search on specific websites that tell everything about your nearest broadcast stations.  They’ll tell you the broadcasting tower location. And you have to point the antenna towards the tower’s location.

Can You Boost Your Indoor TV Antenna?

Yes, you can boost your indoor TV antenna if you take smart steps. Buy an indoor antenna measuring some factors, putting it in the right place at the beginning.

Improve Flat Indoor TV Antenna Reception


I hope now you understand how to boost indoor TV antenna signal as you have come this far in the article. If you are facing signal issues in your indoor TV antenna, follow the above tricks to make it better.

Still, there are antenna boosters or amplifiers for you in the market, if all the tricks aren’t working for you.

Make sure you express your thoughts about this article in the comment section below. Cheers!

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