Shark Fin Antenna Pros And Cons – Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for  Shark Fin Antenna pros and cons, I can guess you just saw the hype about these antenna types. Overall, you get more pros and minimal cons in Shark Fin Antennas.

The premium and stylish look of shark fin antenna and easy installation are the most valued pros of shark fin antennas. On the other hand, not always fitting the antenna to the roof of your car can be a con.

With both advantages and disadvantages, shark fin antennas are doing quite well in the automobile’s mobile antenna market. But this is not only about it. You have a lot more to know about them.

So. Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

What Is A Shark Fin Antenna?

Whether you ever saw a shark fin antenna or not, you must get an idea about it from its name for sure. Yes, you are guessing right. The antenna we are talking about looks exactly like a shark’s fin or the top triangle part of a shark.

These antenna types are especially made to work as a mobile antenna for your recreational vehicle. It is a very common antenna for RVs. The experts choose the design and that is what created its craze in the mobile antenna market.

Shark Fin Antenna Pros And Cons

I already told you that besides having pros, shark fin antennas have some cons too. Let’s take a look at them.


  • Compact sized antenna
  • Doesn’t look weird like rod antenna
  • Sleek design gives a premium look
  • Able to capture RF signals quickly
  • Uninterrupted and quality signal reception
  • Super easy to install
  • Adjust and fit in small footprint


  • In rural areas unknown radio signal loses are noticed sometimes
  • Poor reception is seen in dense rural area

Which Shark Fin Antenna You Should Choose?

Which Shark Fin Antenna You Should Choose
Shark Fin Antenna

If you go out to the real world market you will see varieties of shark fin antennas from different brands. Besides different brands separate antennas are available in different price ranges also depending on the specifications.

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However, a basic shark fin antenna is qualified enough to do your job. Still you can go for a high end one of these antenna types if your budget lets you so.

You must be confused about which shark fin antenna you should choose. To reduce stress, I have selected the two best entry-level shark fin antennas from two different brands.

Let’s get their details.

1. Possbay Universal Car Shark Fin Antenna

According to real user experience Possbay Universal Car Shark Fin Antenna stands out in first place. It is a very basic shark fin antenna which comes in Gray or Silver color.

The dimension of this antenna is 17.5cm*9.5cm and the internal size is 148mm*67mm. As you can see the overall size of this antenna is very compact. So, it can fit snugly to your car’s roof.

This antenna’s very strong plus point is the ABS Resin built material with a soft areal shaft. That’s why the antenna is very durable and looks premium.

2. AUTUT Shark Fin Antenna

Autut Shark Fin Antenna is a great one for vehicles for those who like sleek design antennas. The shape of this antenna indeed looks like a shark fin but with a little sharp edge touch.

Besides the internal size of this antenna is bigger than the Possbay Shark Fin Antenna which is 160mm*80mm. So, you can see this one is made for comparatively bigger vehicles with a bigger antenna adapter.

You can get different color options in this antenna but this one looks the most stunning in Black color. Moreover, the built material is ABS shell, which surely shows its strength and durability.

Both the antennas are very easy to install and require the same process. For your ease go through the step by step guide below to install your own shark fin antenna.

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How To Install A Shark Fin Antenna? – Step By Step Guide

How To Install A Shark Fin Antenna

Once you have chosen a shark fin antenna it is time to install it. And you already know what shark fin antenna is so approachable, right?

Yes, the installation. Shark fin antennas are so easy to install that you can do it on your own. What you need to do is just to be a little careful while installing it. Let’s see how to install a basic shark fin antenna.

Take The Shark Fin Antenna Package Out And Unbox It

First of all take the shark fin antenna box and take out the package. You will see it contains one shark fin antenna, one bolt and two nuts, and a 3M double sided tape. Keep these things handy and now it’s the time to go to the car.

Remove Previous Antenna

Carefully unscrew the previous antenna you have on your car. Remove the antenna more carefully if it’s a rod antenna.

Clean The Antenna Surface (The Roof) Of your Car

Take a clean paper towel or clean piece of cloth to wipe the dust on the antenna surface. Clean the roof of your car where the antenna main connection port is set up.

Attach The Bolt And Tighten It The Given Nut

Now take the bolt and attach it to the antenna adapter or the main point over your car. Secure it tightly but not too rigidly with the help of a nut you got in the package.

Stick The Double Sided Tape from One Side To The Antenna

Take the double sided tape and stick one side to the shark fin antenna’s bottom.

Tighten The Attachment And Run The Radio To Check

Use the second nut to tighten the new attachment of the terminal. Afterwards, get inside your car and run the radio to check if the antenna is working. Once the antenna is able to catch good signals it is time to secure it permanently.

Set The Antenna To A Straight Position

Return to the roof of your car and set the antenna to a straight position.

Clean The Surface Again And Secure The Shark Fin Antenna

Once you see it standing straight, secure it. Remove the other side of the double sided tape. You may need to tear the tape here as the terminal is coming in between. After removing the side, attach the antenna straightly.

Press Hard With Hands For Better Attachment

Secure the shark fin antenna tightly to your car’s roof by pressing with your hands.


If you are still here I think by this far you got covered about the Shark Fin Antenna pros and cons. Remember, always check the dimension of the antenna before placing your order.

If you buy a small antenna for a large adapter it won’t fit. And if you buy a large antenna for a smaller adapter, it will waggle. So, for the best check on the size first and order according to it.

Make sure you comment down below to let us know about your thoughts on Shark Fin Antennas.

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