How to Improve Motorcycle Radio Reception

Imagine you’re in a drive but facing lots of static to get your favorite radio signals. And, if you don’t like to ride in silence, what an offensive moment it would be; Right?

So, it’s time to improve motorcycle radio reception to enhance your riding experience. For that, you need to follow some handy tasks as follows and a little investment in a signal booster!

Let’s Scroll down and get what you want to avoid the bad reception of motorcycle antenna.

How to Improve Motorcycle Radio Reception

How to Improve Motorcycle Radio Reception

If you notice your motorcycle radio antenna isn’t supporting a strong signal, try the following to improve it.

Check connections

 Check for any loose connection or damage in the radio. Also, the antenna should be in place and perfectly installed. If yours is a very old one, it’s better to replace the antenna.

Touching the antenna

 Touching the antenna is a good way to simply enhance the reception. When you just touch your tiny motorcycle radio antenna, it will allow some signal to generate current and give better reception.

So, why goes touching the antenna improve reception?
It’s simple. All conductors can act like an antenna. And because of the fluids inside you, your body is also a conductor, you know! So, from this view, you can say your body is an antenna too!

However, when you add your body length to the small antenna by touching it, it becomes a part of the antenna. So, ultimately what happens here is that the antenna size extends and gathers signals as an antenna of your body size could do!

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That’s the reason behind improving the radio reception by having a wider signal range!

Warp with aluminum foil

Aluminum is a good transmitter and conductive element. Warping the antenna with aluminum foil will enhance the surface area and conductivity of the antenna. As a result, your radio will absorb more incoming radio wave signals and interferes with their transmission.

Boost the signals

If all are okay, you can run suitable devices, as follows, for a signal booster. Also, in an area with a weak signal, you will need these:

Radio with Internal amplifier

If your radio has an internal amplifier, it’s a plus point to get a stronger signal. It will ultimately boost the poor radio waves and give you a better motorcycle radio reception.

External antenna

Install an external antenna by mounting it outside of the motorcycle. Also, you can run the antenna cable with the radio while installing the external antenna. However, it will help you find a better reception.
Or you can try radio having frequency -agile antenna which can get signals from a wider range of frequencies. Thus you can have a better reception with it.
Sometimes, using a separate antenna works better if you have more than one radio.

Signal Booster and Repeater

An antenna Booster or a Repeater is used for extending the signal range of your radio antenna. It works by receiving the existing signal, amplifying it, and then transmitting the boosted signal.

Moreover, in the case of communication, you can get better Voice quality with these devices.

Keep clean

Heavy dust or other airborne particles have significant impacts on receiving radio signals. So, one way to avoid poor signals is to clean the antenna and wipe it down after every run.

Our recommendation for Motorcycle Radio Antenna Booster

1. RGTech Monarch Indoor Multidirectional Reception

This RGTechs’ indoor antenna comes with a multidirectional feature and you know it’s obvious for a moving radio reception. It allows your radio to pick up HD digital and analog radio signals within 60 miles range.

With the 15 ft. long coaxial cable, you can set it on your all desirable spots like office, car, yacht, and so on. Moreover, its stylish design looks nice anywhere.

The installation process is also very handy. You don’t need any tools or assembly to install it. Even no power supply is required.

If you have experienced signal dropouts or interferences, try this Monarch Indoor antenna; perhaps, you won’t ever look back!

2. Bingfu Universal Car Stereo FM Radio Antenna Signal Booster

This BINGFUs’ product is a universal car stereo FM radio antenna booster which is very handy to use. Within the compact

design it offers all the features to strongly pull in the stereo signals.

It has Fuse Insurance; designed for protecting the device from excessive current and electrical damage. To improve the sound quality, this device has two anti-interference magnetic rings. It helps to reduce interference as well.

What’s more, is- its Quick splice connectors will let you have an easy installation without stripping the conductor.

However, If you want to improve signal reception, ignoring this amplifier won’t be a wise decision. This booster also improves the sensitivity reducing the noise.

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A worse reception by your internal antenna can make your ride irritating. So it’s crucial to improve the radio reception even if yours is a 6-yr-old bike!

Try our recommended devices to boost your motorcycle antenna and enjoy riding!

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