How To Boost Cell Phone Signal With Aluminum Foil?- The Real Truth

If you are searching for the real truth of how to boost cell phone signal with Aluminum foil, then you are at the right spot. Yes, you can increase your cell signals with Aluminum foil.

But, let me tell you first, if you are thinking about wrapping your entire mobile with Aluminum foil, it will fail to work. What’s worse? You are going to lose even the minimum signal you were getting before.

So, what’s the trick? Follow the step by step guide below to boost your cell phone’s signal using Aluminum foil.

How To Create The DIY Aluminum Foil Signal Booster? – Step By Step Guide

How To Boost Cell Phone Signal With Aluminum Foil

Although the best advice for boosting cell signals is to get a cell phone signal booster. However, if you are looking for a quick cost effective solution, follow the steps below to create your own signal booster.

  • Get The Accessories And Tools

To DIY this, you will need Aluminum Foil Paper, a moderate piece of Copper Wire, a 3.5mm RCA Jack Cable, a wire stripper, tape, or any adhesive.

Get these accessories and tools first to get started.

  • Cut A Good Piece Of Aluminum Foil Paper

Firstly, cut the foil paper and get a sheet. There is no exact size that you should follow. But an A4 size is good enough. Or you can measure the length of your Copper Wire and cut out the foil considering a bigger size than the wire.

  • Wrap The Foil Around The Copper Wire

Fold the foil paper from the top and bottom to add a good second layer. Now, place the piece of Copper Wire inside the foil and wrap it tightly. Secure the wrapping with some adhesive or tape.

  • Prepare The RCA Jack Cable
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Cut one end of the cable and strip off a portion. You can use a wire stripping tool or scissors to do it. Strip off at a length that makes the wirings visible clearly.

  • Get The Jack Cable Attached To The Foil Booster

Twist the Jack Cable’s wirings and insert them inside the foil and copper wire stick you made. Keep pushing the Jack Cable inside until it touches the stick’s other end completely.

Once it touches the other end, secure it with some tape. Use a bit more tape to secure the whole thing firmly.

  • Connect The Jack To Your Mobile Device

Now, connect the jack to your mobile, and you will see you are getting more bars of signals.

How Does It Work?

Let me explain how it works. You know why Aluminum Foil is used, right? When you use Aluminum foil over foods, it protects the foods from getting external moisture. Thus, it keeps the food warm as it is cooked.

So, you must understand that Aluminum Foil works as a blocker in this case.

Are you getting why wrapping the mobile in Aluminum foil doesn’t work? Yes, you are right. It is because it will also work the same as a blocker in this case. It won’t let the signals reach your electronic devices.

But when you add a Copper Wire to it, it works differently. You already know that copper wire is a material that works as a conductor for any electrical component. Besides, it is considered the best for optimal performance.

Having copper wire and aluminum foil together activates the conductivity. So, the booster you made starts to work. It will increase the signal strength. 

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And that’s how it helps you enhance your cell signals.


I hope now you know how to boost cell phone signals with Aluminum foil well. Follow the steps above and let us know how well it worked for you in the comments below.

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