can you use a tv antenna for AM radio Or FM

Yes, you can use a TV antenna. Basically, there are two radio signals. They are AM (Amplitude Modulation) and FM (Frequency Modulation). The FM antenna is an external antenna because you can extend and rotate the antenna to get a better frequency. This is made of a metal rod.

On the contrary, an AM antenna is an in-built antenna wrapped in a loop. As it’s an internal antenna, you need an external antenna to improve its reception.

For that, a TV antenna is considered one of the best options. You can set the antenna in your desired way for a strong signal. Moreover, it’s a relatively easy way. It’ll ensure a good improvement in the reception.

How To Connect A TV antenna and AM Radio?

How To Connect A TV antenna and AM Radio

Now you know that a TV antenna can be beneficial to improve the AM frequency. Let’s know here how you can connect both antennas.

Step 1

Generally, a TV antenna can receive Ultra High-Frequency signals. But as AM radio antenna doesn’t need any complex setup, TV antennas can catch radio signals.

Step 2

Basically, a TV antenna works as a transformer. And to get the proper frequency, this antenna will split the signal. So what you need to do is just hook the TV antenna with the AM radio. 

Step 3

You can set the antenna near the radio. Or mounting the outdoor antenna will also work.

What Are The Other Options To Improve AM Radio Reception At Home?

Now, let’s know the other ways to improve the reception at home. They are:

  • Changing The Radio Position

One of the simplest things you can do at home for better AM reception is to change the radio location. Go to different corners of your house and listen to the radio to notice whether the signal strength is increasing or decreasing. Then place the radio where the signals are more stable.

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Besides, placing the radio here will increase the frequency if you have no power lines near the window.

Moreover, concrete, aluminum, and steel can obstruct the radio frequency. That’s why try to put the radio near the transmitter. Keep the radio away from electronic devices like televisions, power adapter computers, fluorescent lights, etc.

Also, the weather condition can affect the signal. So if the weather outside is not good, you might find some difficulties with radio interference.

  • Checking The Radio Station Coverage

After changing the location, if you still get a weak signal from the radio, check the coverage of the particular station.

The radio will not get a signal if it is too far from the transmitter. This is especially true in areas with obstacles to the signal, such as tall buildings or hills. To be sure, please take a look at a coverage map online.

  • Choosing The Right Radio

After all, if you’re still facing the problem, the issue might be on the radio. You may have a cheap-quality radio, so it can’t catch direct signals.

Moreover, if you have an analog radio, then you should replace the radio. The reason is that they use a transmitter to convey sine wave data to a receiver which can obstruct the frequency broadcast channels. Although cheap and easy to use, it’s vulnerable to adverse weather conditions.

That’s why digital radios would be more suitable and reliable for the broadcast signal. You’ll find digital radios in dynamic range.

  • Changing The Antenna

Though AM radio comes with an in-built antenna, sometimes you still need to change the antenna for frequency improvement.

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In that case, you have some options, including flat antenna, loop antenna, etc. These external antennas will boost the frequency. 

However, if you have no budget for these antennas, you can make your own DIY antenna. All you need is a coil of wire and put that in a high object like a tree. Then extend the antenna until it reaches the antenna.

Securing the radio requires wrapping the wire around the device and inserting the stripped end into a fixed location. To enhance an AM radio antenna, this is a suitable way. if you want to know does aluminum foil boost radio antenna signal? Then read our blog about boost antenna signal with aluminum foil.

  • Getting Advice From Expert

If you have tried every way mentioned above, the last thing you try is to consult an expert. Having a skilled radio technician look at the device will help narrow the problem. 

Lastly, some components may have to be replaced because of rust and corrosion.


What are the interference sources in AM radio?

The existence of huge buildings or hills in the signal path between the transmitter and the radio receiver or the cross-section of AM radio signals and other radio frequencies can cause interference.

How can I get rid of AM radio static?

To boost reception, you can relocate the radio away from any nearby electrical outlets and add a loop aerial. If you can’t get rid of the static no matter what you do, maybe you should invest in a satellite or shortwave radio.

How to get better AM reception at home?


Until now, you learned how to improve AM radio interference. An external antenna helps a lot in this case. But can you use a TV antenna for AM radio? From the above discussion, you already know the answer.

However, if you ever feel that you can’t fix the issue, feel free to ask an expert for help.

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