How To Fix A broken Telescoping Radio Antenna: Simple And Easy Process To Follow

While determining a step-by-step guideline on how to fix a telescoping radio antenna and the necessary precautions, make sure to have the tools available such as scissors, Aluminium foil, a screwdriver, a soft washing cloth, etc.

The first step is to examine the whole antenna, mark the broken areas and try to resize them. After resizing, you can use Aluminium foil to cover the broken areas.

As telescoping antennas are easy to extend or extract according to the desired size, the fixing task is considered to be simple and easy.

Required Tools For Fixing A Telescoping Radio Antenna

 While cleaning a telescoping radio antenna, the first thing an owner should do is collect the required tools that are suitable for the cleaning task. The list of tools is as follows:

Required Tools For Fixing A Telescoping Radio Antenna
Required Tools
  • Soft cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Sheet of Aluminum Foil
  • Duct tape (Electrical tape will also work)
  • Silicon spray

10 Easy Steps to Fix A Telescoping Radio Antenna

 The step for fixing a telescoping radio antenna are given in the below description. Make sure to follow each step carefully with extreme care so as not to break the bad antenna even worse.

  1. Necessary Tools – Assuming that you’ve gathered all the necessary tools available for the cleaning task to be efficient and successful.
  2. Clean the antenna – The first step will be to clean the antenna. It’s usually done using a soft cloth (partially soaked in water). Gently wipe the antenna to remove dirt or rust using a soft cloth. In some cases, dirt or rust may be the prime reason behind the deterioration of the antenna’s performance.
  3. Analyzed the broken part -Secondly, it’s time to analyze the broken part of the metal rod associated with the antenna. As for the telescoping antenna, extend or retract the rod to analyze the damaged area that needs fixing.
  4. Reshape the antenna – Additionally, if your antenna is bent (other than broken), gently try to reshape the antenna and try not to break it and make matters worse.
  5. Cut Aluminium foil in rectangle shapes – After you’ve analyzed the broken part, cut Aluminium foil in rectangle shapes to re-joint the metal rods. This step is important for the malleable nature of the Aluminium metal foil. Additionally, the signal transmission will not leak from the broken areas as advantages of Aluminium foil includes good conductivity, good signal receiving capability, and doesn’t degrade in quality over time.
  6. Wrapping the piece of foil – Additional tips include wrapping the piece of foil in a spiral strip direction to account for a firm grip with the antenna metal rod surface until the duct tape kicks in.
  7. Spiral strip the Aluminum foil part – After you’re completed with the Aluminum wrap, it’s time to spiral strip the Aluminum foil part with duct tape or electrical tape for durable support.
  8. Using a screwdriver – screw all the joined parts of the antenna tightly to ensure no loose connections in the antenna assembly.
  9. Apply silicon spray – For a final touchdown, you can additionally apply silicon spray to the connection points for the stable junction. This process improves the overall connectivity of the antenna and further helps the further transmission of electrical signals.
  10. Check the signal – Finally, turn on your radio and check the signals coming out of the antenna. If the readings are not up to the mark, you may need to adjust the gap that you have made while wrapping foil around the rod.
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In some cases, the wrapping techniques of the antenna might have an impact on the radio signal that it emits. Though spiral techniques are proven to be the most efficient, we recommend being careful about leaving no gaps.

Telescoping Antennas: Replacement Cost

While examining your radio antenna, you’ve found out that the antenna is permanently damaged and requires immediate replacement. 

So, the cost of replacing a telescoping radio antenna depends upon several factors, such as brand, model, and type of antenna.

in general, the replacement cost falls between $10 to $50. As for specialised telescoping antennas, the cost might even rise to $100. Obviously, the labor will add additional cost to your replacement budget.

Furthermore, if you’re not an expert in replacing or fixing telescoping antennas, we suggest hiring a professional who can carry out the task for you.


The hardware behind radio antennas is simple enough to experience how to fix a telescoping radio antenna all by yourself. Aluminium Foil, as a primary tool, helps closes the gaps in the broken parts. 

Additionally, wrapping with duct tape provides firm protection and good mechanical support while transmitting signals.

Last but not least, you’ll have to check out the signals by turning on the radio for the tuning of the signal strength. If the antenna is permanently damaged, make sure to replace it.

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