How to Remove Antenna from Car Radio

Your car antenna may fall because of being old or by accident. Or you may have attempted automated car washes without disconnecting the antenna. 

Whatever it is, you need to know how to remove antenna from car radio to replace or recover it. So, how to do that? 

Simply put: Figure out what needs to be removed. If it’s the mast, you just need to unscrew the nuts and bolts. If you notice the antenna motor has stopped, there is much to do!

Let’s see how to remove different antennas in which way!

How to Remove Antennas from Car Radio

Antenna removal tools
Antenna removal tools

(Fixed Mast and Power Antenna)

Fixed Mast Antenna

Fixed mast antennas are non-returnable and generally mounted on fenders. If your vehicle has this one, the task would be much easier for you. 

Take an adjustable wrench and unscrew the existing mast with it. Unscrew the adaptor as well. 

Now, if you want to install a new one, install the adopter first. Then install the new antenna. It would help if you tightened these enough according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Power Antenna 

In case your power radio antenna doesn’t go well, two possible problems could happen. One is in the mast (it could be broken) or the lousy cable inside it. Another problem could be the burned-out motor.

However, if the problem is just in the mast, it’s much easier to remove it. You just need a replacement antenna. But if the problem lies in the motor, you want to remove the whole power antenna assembly from the rear fender area. 

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So how would you locate the problem?

That’s simple. Turn on and off the radio. Also, notice if the mast is going up and down and hear if the motor is running. 

If the motor runs, but you find the mast is broken or bent or not going up and down – you need to deal with the mast. It’s not more than removing and replacing the mast; a money-saving deal, indeed! 

However, if you notice a stopped motor, you want to remove the antenna assembly. 

Removing the broken antenna mast

Removing the broken antenna mast
Removing the broken antenna

Step 1: Take a Flat screwdriver or a Pair of thin, long-needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Turn the mast retaining nut counterclockwise with the screwdriver and remove it. 

Step 3: Remove the antenna mast by pulling it up. At the same time, pull up the nylon drive cable from the antenna assembly as well. 

So, you’re all done with removing the parts. You can now replace the mast by inserting the nylon cable into the new one and then into the drive assembly. 

Reassemble the mast and cable until the motor stops. Lastly, screw the retaining nut and check if the antenna is working. 

Removing the power antenna motor assembly 

Step 1: Find out its location on the car to gain access to the motor drive. If it’s in the truck or rear area, you must carefully pull out and remove the clips or screws. After the plastic cover or carpet is removed, you can see the antenna. 

Tips: Be careful while removing the plastic as it’s degraded and becomes brittle with time. 

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Step 2: Remove the drive assembly by losing up the bolts or nuts, if there are any. Or you need to pull it sharply downward. 

Tips: Keep holding the motor with one hand while removing the last nut. You don’t want to see it falling, right?

Step 3: Unplug the cable that powers the motor. Disconnect the radio signal connector as well. 

Thus, your old motor assembly is ready to replace. Attach a new antenna motor with the wire and reinstall all the nuts, carpets, or trims. Lastly, check the radio several times to see whether it’s working better. 

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Since you’ve got the basics on how to remove antenna from car radio, it would be worthwhile if you could do it yourself! You just need to spend money on buying a new mast or antenna motor. 

Moreover, a little care in washing the car, driving, or in radio handling can save your money, indeed!

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