Are Stubby Car Antennas Any Good: Here’s Our Honest Opinion

Stubby antennas are durable and offer good-quality signals compared to their small size. They offer a good cost-to-benefit ratio and are definitely worth spending on. 

Although their shortness poses a complexity in radio reception quality, the signal strength of stubby antennas has improved with advancements in technology. Thus, they are now a very efficient choice. 

These days, shorter antennas can now receive signals from a much longer distance. Their design makes them ideal for usage, and you don’t lose much in terms of functionality as well.

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What Are Stubby Car Antennas? How Do They Work?

Stubby Car Antenna
Stubby Car Antenna

Stubby antennas are shorter antennas that are designed to maintain performance but also provide higher convenience. When it comes to cars, the antenna’s reception matters more than the transmission.

Shorter antennas aren’t as efficient as long ones in receiving signals over larger distances. They have a higher frequency and, thus, a smaller wavelength. 

When an antenna produces and can receive only shorter wavelength signals, it has a narrow bandwidth. Thus, shorter antennas aren’t good at long-distance signal reception.

But modern designs have increased their performance a lot. With assistance from other electric devices, stubby antennas can provide similar reception quality. Therefore, making them a better choice for cars.

Because let’s face it, longer antennas decay sooner due to their wind resistance and are also an eyesore. Stubby antennas are hardly even noticeable. So, according to us, stubby antennas are definitely worth their hype.

How Stubby Car Antennas Are Designed And Constructed For Maximum Performance

How Stubby Car Antennas Are Designed And Constructed For Maximum Performance
stubby antenna

A shorter antenna is designed for maximum durability and enhanced performance. Here are some of the most important aspects of a stubby antenna. 

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Antenna Length

Stubby car antennas can come in really short lengths. There are ones that are only 2 inches long. Most people won’t even notice it’s there on your car. However, some other stubby antennas go up to 13 inches long.

Antenna Coil

The interior of most good-quality stubby antennas is made of a copper coil. You should look for these once, as copper provides excellent conductivity and increases reception efficiency. Carbon fiber and aluminum coils are also common options, but nothing beats copper.

Other Antenna Components For Durability

A big factor in the durability of any shorter antenna is the material it’s made of. If the exterior is made of high-quality, flexible Thai rubber, your antenna can bend with the wind.

This makes them less vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Some are also designed to withstand extremely high temperatures.

Antenna Design & Style 

These external antennas are given a simple look with a coat of black paint and are shaped like a 50-caliber bullet.

Why Choose Stubby Car Antennas Over Longer Ones?

There are several advantages to choosing stubby antennas over longer ones and hardly any disadvantages. We’ll get into that here. First, let’s take a look at the advantages.

Advantages of Stubby Car Antennas

  • They are smaller and less noticeable. Your car’s appearance is a top priority, and stubby antennas are designed so minimally that they blend in very well.
  • Because of their compact size, they don’t bend in places like longer antennas will when having to face high winds.
  • They are more efficient overall, even considering the lack of reception of radio signal strength.
  • Stubby antennas are more durable and have a longer shelf-life.
  • They have a greater ability to withstand extreme weather.
  • The benefit-cost ratio is favorable. They are cheap yet do a good job at receiving FM and AM signals from radio stations.
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Best Stubby Antenna For Your Car 

When it comes to superior stubby antenna construction, some of the best brands are Antenna Masts Rus, Rydonair, Craven Speed, and Ronin Factory. Here are some of the best stubby antennas for your vehicle.

  1. Rydonair ‎RD-RMRNF 

This flexible rubber antenna is compatible with F150 models from 2009 to 2023. You get great reception, as it’s 13 inches long with a coil made of copper material. This is a great option with easy installation and mounting with no special tools.

  1. AntennaMastsRus ‎A010-FD2-15

It’s pretty similar to the previous antenna. However, when it comes to standing up to extremely bad weather conditions, this model is superior. This one has great customer reviews and is considered by many the best.


This one is a more compact option. Because of its unique 50-caliber bullet design, it gets great reception in both AM and PM radio bands. It’s made out of durable materials like stainless steel and top-notch aluminum. A downside is that it’s comparatively harder to install.

  1. CravenSpeed 4332950148

If you’re looking for a super short stubby antenna, this one is for you. It’s only 2 inches long with stainless steel construction. With a powdery black finish, this antenna gives off a classic vibe.


For users who want to run Bluetooth, this model is compatible with it. Also, it comes with an anti-theft design, which is a unique quality. Made with military-grade aluminum with an anodized finish, it’s durable and withstands bad weather.

Final Words

We find them functional enough for regular use, given the convenience of their small size, easy installation, and high durability. You can easily travel a good distance in your vehicle, and these antennas will give you decent reception.

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They’re hardly noticeable and look great with any car. A perfect blend of design, functionality, and convenience. What’s more promising is that, with new improvements, we can soon get a wide range of reception with stubby antennas as well.

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