Can You Use RG6 Connectors on RG11 Cable, Or Need New?

Yes, you can use the connectors of your RG6 cable for a different RG11 cable to transmit antenna signals. You don’t have to go to a store and waste your time and money on buying a new connector for your RG11 cable.

Now that you know you can use the same connector for both cables, you need to understand how to do that. And to understand that, you need to know how an RG6 cable and an RG11 cable work.

Read along to learn about RG6 and RG11 cable connectors: why and how you can use the same connector for both cables.

Which Type of Connectors Fit for RG6 and RG11 Cable?

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As you know, many different coaxial cables like RG6 and RG11 cables for antennas exist. So there are also connectors that each cable needs to use to work.

When choosing a connector, you must ensure it can attach to your coaxial cable. So it needs to be the right size because it won’t fit if it’s too small.

Both the RG6 and RG11 cables need the F-type connector to be able to provide good signal reception for different types of antennas. 

An F-connector is a cost-efficient and threaded connector that comes in female and male forms. So you must ensure that the F-type connector you already have has the gender required for your setup.

Are RG6 and RG11 Connectors the Same Size?

As an RG11 coaxial cable for TV needs the same type of connector as an RG6 cable, you can use your RG6 cable’s connector for your RG11 cable. This is usually an F-type connector. 

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And the size of both RG6 and RG11 cables are the same because these coaxial cables need the same F-type connector.

Using RG6 Connectors on RG11 Cable

When it comes to RG6 vs. RG11, they are entirely different types of axial cables and have other uses. An RG6 cable is used for short runs, whereas an RG11 coaxial cable is used for longer runs. 

You can’t use the same connector type for all coax cables. However, you can use the same RG6 cable F-connector on your RG11 cable, as both these cables use the same type of connectors.

How to Install Your RG6 Connector to Your RG11 Cable

If you don’t know how to install connectors properly to your coaxial cables, you can’t ensure an excellent connection to all the various components of your setup. A proper installation takes care of poor connection problems. 

This is why you should follow the steps below to install your F-type connector to your RG11 cable.

Step 1: Gather Your Equipment

First, you must gather all the right tools for your installation process. The installation of F-connectors requires the equipment mentioned below:

  • One RG11 stripping tool
  • A coaxial cable crimper
  • F-type connector
  • An RG11 coax cable
  • A cutting tool or a knife

After you have gathered your tools, you can go on to the following step to continue your installation process. 

Step 2: Stripping the Top of Your Cable

In this step, you must strip the top of your coax cable using the stripping tool. Follow the instructions below to do that:

  • First, take your coaxial cable stripping tool and line it up with your RG11 cable. 
  • Then start spinning the tool around your cable. Spin several times.
  • Wait for the stripper tool to cut through the shielding from the spinning. You’ll feel it when it gets cut.
  • Pull off the stripping tool to remove any leftover pieces.
  • Peel back the metal shielding.
  • Make sure that none of the metal shieldings makes contact with the pin in the middle of the cable.
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Step 3: Slipping in the F-Connector

In this step, you must slip the F-type connector into your RG11 cable. You have to ensure that the center conductor of your RG11 coaxial cable is perfectly inserted into the center pin of your F-connector.

However, if the center conductor is too long to fit appropriately into the pin, use the cutting tool or a knife to trim off the excess part of the center conductor. Do this until everything fits perfectly.

Whatever you do, don’t trim the pin inside the F-type connector. This will damage your connector, and you might have to start with a new F-connector again.

Step 4: Using the Cable Crimper

This is the last step, which is very simple and easy to follow. Place the coax cable and the F-type connector into your RG11 coaxial cable crimper. 

Then put enough pressure on the cable crimper firmly to crimp. Balance the crimper a few times to make sure that you have gotten a good crimp.

That is all you need to do to install your F-type connector to your RG11 coax cable.

Final Words

Can you use RG6 connectors on RG11 cable? You can use an RG5 cable connector on an RG11 cable and still get a good signal. 

As both cables use the same F-type connector, it’s not a big deal to use the same connector for both of these coaxial cables.

I hope this article helped you understand that you don’t need to buy a separate cable connector for your RG11 coax cable if you already have an RG6 F-type connector.

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