How to Test Antenna Signal Strength- Step By Step Guideline!

Antenna signal strength is one factor in getting the best quality TV and internet programming. So it’s essential to know about the performance of your outdoor antenna. Sometimes there might be problems with the signal strength of the antenna. At that time, how to test antenna signal strength? 

Disconnect the antenna’s RG6 coaxial cable and hook the “F” connector. Push down the Pwr meter knob, and place the lowest channel broadcast. After that use a magnetic compass to take the highest signal strength.

Would you like to know more about antenna testing? Keep reading to know everything in detail regarding testing signal strength of antenna. 

How to Test Antenna Signal Strength?

How to Test Antenna Signal Strength
Antenna Signal Strength

Testing the signal strength of an antenna is a simple process that you can do with a few essential tools. 

Materials Needed:

  • Digital Multimeter
  • Coaxial cable
  • Antenna
  • TV or radio receiver (optional)

Step By Step Direction

Here are the instructions for measuring HDTV antenna signal strength using a multimeter.

  1. Firstly, you need to disconnect the antenna’s RG6 coaxial cable. You can do it by leading to your TV from the aerial mounted to your roof or indoor antenna.
  2. Then hook the “F” connector to the end of the 75-foot coaxial to the input connector on your PFD scorer.
  3. Push down the Pwr meter knob, and place the lowest channel broadcasting in your area in the tuner.
  4. Suppose you have a rotator or an indoor or outdoor directional antenna. Rotate the antenna until the meter reaches the highest setting and record the results.
  5. Use a magnetic compass to take the highest signal strength in each direction. Record it.
  6. Continue to measure the radio signals within a channel sequentially, going up the scale until you reach the maximum value. Record the results of a track.
  7. Unscrew the 75-ohm coaxial “F” connector on the Pwr measuring device, then attach it to the input on your NM measuring device.
  8. Repeat the process used when using the Pwr device, recording all dBm readings in a row next to the previous result. 
  9. If the signal is weak toward a specific channel, use your compass readings to find the heading in that channel.
  10. Use it where the highest signal resides. If you do not have a rotor-controlled antenna, follow the exact instructions as if your antenna were a pivot point.
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Following these steps, you can quickly test and determine a real antenna signal strength.

How To Measure Tv Antenna Signal Strength With The Multimeter?

To measure your TV antenna signal strength, you need to open the multimeter and set it to measure signal strength in decibels. Then turn the multimeter on and bring the meter near the antenna or change the antenna position.

The signal should be around 55 decibels. You can also use a low-noise antenna amplifier. Make sure you use the proper coaxial cable for your particular connection.

How Can I Check Tv Signal Strength In My Area?

The best way to check TV signal strength is to use a digital multimeter. You can use the Ohms setting on a multimeter to gauge the resistance of an antenna circuit. Place the antenna location perfectly and turn it on.

To have a better result, you may contact the antenna manufacturer. You may need to move or adjust the antenna cable connector to get better reception if it’s lower than this.

Once you have determined the signal strength, you can disconnect the multimeter and enjoy your TV reception.

What Is A Good Tv Antenna Signal Strength?

What Is A Good Tv Antenna Signal Strength
Antenna Signal Strength

Suppose your TV antenna signal strength needs to be higher. You could experience several problems in that case, including poor picture quality, weak sound, slow connection speeds, the lowest broadcast channel, and more.

A good TV antenna signal meter strength should be around 55 dB. Signal levels below 45 dB V and above 80 dB V are inappropriate for television use. Below 45 dB, you can count it as a poor signal.

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How Do I Know If My Signal Is Strong?

A digital multimeter is the best way to know the incoming signal strength. If your signal is around 50 dB or higher, you can count it as stronger signal strength than any other signal.

If you need more clarification about your signal strength, get an external TV Antenna Signal Strength Meter to check.

KING SL1000 SureLock TV Signal Finder will provide accurate readings at a reasonable price.

Final Words

You can get the best signal from the exact location using different optimal directions. Also, you should use a good signal machine for perfect signal strength. Hope you got your answer regarding how to test Antenna signal strength step by step.

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