Wearable Antenna: Everything Including Advantages

In recent years, wearable antennas are getting tremendously common and popular worldwide. The wearable antenna is used in every sector, from the military to the medical field.

Now, the question might disclose what’s a wearable antenna and why it’s so popular.

The versatile wireless communication is the primary cause of the wearable antenna’s tremendous popularity. The wireless antenna allows you to track your GPS location, also making the product unique.

Besides, the costs, lightweight and compact design of the antenna are also reasons behind its immense popularity.

However, the wearable antenna allows you to track your location when it’s installed into your electrical device. Nobody can even get a small idea when the tiny device is hidden under your clothes.

Wearable Antenna
Wearable Antenna

What Is A Wearable Antenna?

The wearable antenna refers to a small device that’s designed with the ANSYS high-frequency structural stimulator. 

Typically, the wearable antenna is inserted into your regular wearing, like sunglasses, smartwatches, etc. Besides sunglasses, sensors, and clothes, you can fit the wearable antenna even under your skin.

The miniature antenna highly supports on-body and off-body communication.

Who Invented the Wearable Antenna?

Basically, the wearable antenna is invented for regular military communication and intelligence gathering. But frankly, the device is widely used in every sector, including our usual and unusual life.

As a user, a fundamental question might arise in your mind, who invented the wearable antenna?

A Japanese scientist, Shitaro Uda, invented the Wearable antenna. But, he alone wasn’t on duty to invest in the wearable antenna. Hidetsugu Yagi, a colleague of Shitaro Uda, has helped him to develop the Yagi-Uda antenna for wear.

However, the German scientist Heinrich Hertz is the inventor of the first real and modern antenna.

Advantages of Wearable Antenna

The advantages of using a wearable antenna are countless, although you are a typical person. And when it comes to essential medical and military operations, the wearable antenna works like a gem.

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Here we begin with some advantages of using a wearable antenna.

Measures the Parameters of Body

The primary purpose of using the wearable antenna is to measure the parameters of the body. The antenna is inserted into your watch to measure your body’s temperature, heartbeat, etc.

Tracking and Navigation

The wearable antenna is handy for military applications. Whether it comes to tracking or navigation, the wearable antenna is an essential application for military operations.

Public Safety

The wearable antenna is essential for public safety. Besides humans, the antenna allows us to track every device when they’re connected to the antenna.

Perhaps, that’s why the wearable antenna is used for multiple difficult and vital operations.

Lightweight and flexible

The wearable antenna is lightweight and flexible because most wearable antennas are designed to wear under your clothes, watches, or sunglasses.

For critical military operations, the primary purpose of using a wearable antenna is to discover important information. When the operation is conducted, no one can assume what’s happening. The wearable antenna should get designed in such a way.

Costs Low

The wearable antenna that is used for medical and military operations is tiny. The antenna that is used for these two purposes is costly.

But, it has become popular among ordinary people to check their heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. Ordinary people use the antenna under their clothes, watches, sunglasses, and many more. 

So, the wearable antenna has to become small and low costs to make them usable to everyone.

Compact design

The wearable antenna features a compact making it suitable to wear with everything. The antenna is designed so small that you can’t even imagine it can be hidden under your slim clothes or small watch.

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Challenges/ Disadvantages of Wearable Antenna

Getting a good result from the Wearable antenna is problematic for two reasons. We’ll briefly review those two reasons to make you understand everything easily.

Proximity to Human Body

The human body is absorbent to electromagnetic waves, so whenever it gets a chance absorbs energy from the wearable antenna. Consequently, the antenna causes enormous energy losses and performance disturbances.

Getting the actual results from the wearable antenna is difficult because of its proximity to the human body.

Very Limited Volumes

It’s not so easy to design a small wearable antenna with higher volumes. But, buying a small antenna with a higher volume is essential for industrial and vital use.

Therefore, it might be challenging for the manufacturer to design a high-volume wearable antenna.

Applications of Wearable Antenna

The higher-frequency bandwidth, data rate, etc., are essential for transmitting and receiving data. The small wearable antenna with a higher frequency is helpful for multiple purposes.


The wearable antenna plays a massive role in medical operations attaching to the human body. The watches with the wearable antenna show the current status of your body when attached to your skin.

Besides, many small wearable antennas are 100% safer for medical treatment.


The military wearable antennas are 15% to 20% smaller than the regular antennas. That’s because the military should use antennas secretly to hide from their enemies.

Needless to say, the military wearable antenna helps to collect necessary information from enemies.

You already know that wearable antennas are designed to locate the person having a built-in device under their clothes. And it’s essential to track when the commander has gone to the enemy’s location.

Smart Home and Security

To ensure the security of your smartphone, installing the antenna in your home is essential. For making your home smart, getting a wearable antenna is also a vital accessory for making your home a smart home.

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However, the antenna used for the smart home is bigger than the military and regular wearable antenna. Therefore, the antenna costs more than the small ones.

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Which Antennas are suitable for Different Flexible and Wearable Applications?

Paper substrate-based antennas are considered flexible and wearable applications. The antenna features a lower thickness and lightweight texture, making it suitable for regular use.

What Is A Flexible Antenna?

The fabrication of conductive materials and substrates constructs the flexible antennas. The conductive materials and substrates utilize dielectric properties, tolerance, and mechanical deformations to make the flexible antenna.

What Is the Function of An Antenna?

In some cases, there are multiple sensory functions of the wearable antennas, including smell, touch, and hearing. The segments are attached to the mouthparts of the antenna.

What Is the Need for The Wearable Antenna?

Wearable antennas are widely used for the bio-medical RF system and wireless communication. It’s a context where an antenna is inserted into your body or clothes to track your location.

The Sum Up!

The attractive features, flexibility, low weight, and cost has brought the wearable antenna to the limelight in the current world. There’s not even a single sector where wearable antennas aren’t used, and their popularity is still growing.

The wearable antenna is mainly invented for military applications. But, you can notice that wearable antennae are also for medical, commercial, and regular purposes.

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